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Website Development

Ensure the digital success for your business or product with custom website created by a professional. We ensure your site stays fast, stable, and maintainable. Our end-to-end development and hosting platform ensures swift development of your website all the way to production.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our belief is that you should easily be able to change, tweak, and customize your website without the help of an expensive web developer. To solve this we have created a customizable Content Management System (CMS). Our user friendly real-time editor offers a handy way to manage text, images, custom properties, custom content types, translations and other assets for your website.

Custom Web Applications

We are experts in Ruby-on-Rails, Javascript, and Crystal development. For most projects we choose to strongly stand on the Rails web framework for a highly scalable, database-driven and proven architecture promoting both speed of development and future maintainability. For user experience we can add Javascript and for expensive tasks we can delegate to the highly performance Crystal language. Other technologies can be adapted upon request.

Database Systems

Storing your data is an essential part of the business process. We choose the right technology for the job like. We support traditional SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) and other storage models. Dont forget the database backups, we got you covered there too.

Mobile Apps and Desktop Software

We can create custom native solutions for enhancing your businesses workflow. Our mobile applications are created using Cordova. Our desktop software us created using Electron.

Managed Hosting

Managing your web sites and servers can be a difficult task. That why we offer to handle all the nuts and bolts for keeping your application running in the cloud. We can provide managed Linux servers and hosting services. We handle monitoring, backups, security patching, server maintenance, and more.

Weston GangerBCIS

Web/App Software Developer with backend preference


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) from University of the Fraser Valley



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