Change The Fill Color Of SVG With CSS

Simple Google Loader Using SVG And CSS

Make Devise Use Custom Scopes Or Conditions When Querying Users

Recursively Find And Delete All Empty Directories In The Terminal

Rotate And Flip Your Font Awesome Icons

Create An Auto-growing Textarea With AngularJS, JQuery, Or Plain Javascript

Rebase Or Merge Branch Into Master Using GIT

Create Optional Arguments In Bash Function Or Script

Generate Views After Model And Controller Already Created In Rails

Simple Sticky Footer In Bootstrap

Determine If An Array Contains Any Value From Another Array In Ruby

Easily Do A Natural Sort With SQL

Append Parameters To Current Url And Reload With Javascript

Change The View Path Of A Controller In Rails

Set Rails Timezone

Make Rails Json Output Decimal Numbers Instead Of Strings

Use Optional Local Variables In A Partial In Rails

Conditionally Send Emails With Rails ActionMailer

Simple And Fast String Find And Replace In Javascript

Check If A Class Or Instance Has A Method Defined In Ruby

Safely Roll Back Your Repo To A Previous Commit Using GIT

Do A Case Or Switch Statement In SQL And Rails

Create A Bash Function To Copy MySQL Or PostgreSQL Database To Another Database Locally And Remotely

Ruby Returns Incorrect Integer Or Decimal Places When Dividing Two Numbers

Submit A Form In A New Tab Using Simple HTML



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