The worst thing about the GNOME extensions is that they always get disabled randomly after a restart. I don’t know why they don’t fix it but I will show you a solution for the meantime.

First, Enable all of the extensions that you want on.

Next we will create a script to update the list of enabled extensions. Make sure you save it to ~/.local/bin/extension-update

# ~/.local/bin/extension-update

active_extensions=$(gsettings get enabled-extensions)
echo -e "Currently active extensions:\n\e[34m$active_extensions\e[0m"
echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nType=Application" > $autostart_file
echo Exec=gsettings set enabled-extensions \"$active_extensions\" >> $autostart_file
echo -e "Hidden=false\nNoDisplay=false\nX-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true\nName=Restore Extensions\nComment=Restore enabled extensions on login" >> $autostart_file
echo "Command to restore currently active extensions added to $HOME/.config/autostart/restore-extensions.desktop"

Then make the script executable:

chmod +x ~/.local/bin/extension-update

Now anytime you want to update the enabled list run the script:


This will create or update an autostart entry at ~/.config/autostart/restore-extensions.desktop that will be run when you start your computer and all the extensions will be loaded.

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